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Jahlemi It Is True


Great vibes and conceptual poignancy grace the airwaves – Introducing a superb new song, an instrumental and melodically euphoric reggae track, with soulful vocals, wonderful melodies, and a powerful hook resolve. The increasingly colourful uplift of Jahlemi’s full-band arrangement of It Is True unites classic reggae rhythms, organic horns, and contemporary keys, across a rich tapestry of real-time musicianship.

Beginning in a fairly humble manner, It Is True kicks in with the full warmth and force of its musicality after a few short moments, and that production, the conceptual core, and the vocal lead, all works its magic with ease from here on in.

Exploring the topic of unity over division, It Is True reflects upon the positivity of progress, but also maintains realism and honesty in relaying the fact that ‘we are far from over’. The music resounds and echoes through the realm, backed by this full band set-up of horns, bass, drums, keys, guitars, and additional vocals, and it provides an unignorable earworm at the same time as inciting a broadly relevant dose of contemplation regarding equality.

Jahlemi has crafted a timeless hit with this single, the production and performance are stunning, perfectly built for the summer months, but there’s also a topical depth to the writing – a defiant level of purpose – and this pours through in a clever, lyrically sharp and memorable way. That’s a winning combination, and as such, It Is True leaves its mark in an effortless but committed and conscious fashion.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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