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Jaeden Zoe Cabana Love


Jaeden Zoe has the sort of naturally soulful and powerful leading voice that could carry just about any pop song through with weight and intention. Her latest single, Cabana Love, just so happens to emerge as bringing together a range of unexpected influences, furthering her reach as an artist and offering a genuinely enjoyable and refreshing groove.

Cabana Love is a fairly mellow single, there’s plenty of space within the soundscape, and for the most part Jaeden’s vocal is laid bare and guides you through the song. No effects are needed to strengthen anything, though the pop or mainstream building blocks are there, the track gives off a surprisingly organic vibe – you can easily picture this in a live setting, with a real-time band; even perhaps acoustically.

In terms of the song itself, the melody is easy going and fairly familiar – as pop tends to be – lyrically though this central idea of Cabana Love helps introduce an element of character and something slightly more alternative to cling to and recognize it by. The second time you listen, those opening notes feel all the more tropical in nature, and as the ambiance builds the whole thing works hard to make you crave the summer months.

In addition to all of this, the songwriting deals with togetherness and offers a genuinely caring nature. The lyrics are comforting, they seek to provide a sense of warmth – which works beautifully among this particular soundscape. The elongation of the word vibe makes for a smooth moment, the music drops in right about that time, and the positive energy of the song fills the room in a naturally uplifting manner. There’s a strong potential for remixes, but in itself Cabana Love ticks a whole lot of boxes. Jaeden Zoe is well on her way towards bigger things.

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