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Jae Menace These Rappers Ain’t Seeing Me


Georgia’s Jae Menace keeps things authentic with lyrical honesty and vocal integrity united, as the launch of his single These Rappers Ain’t Seeing Me promises both clarity and conviction.

Aiming high from the outset, the new release blends the intelligent framing of ideas with a fearless level of self-belief and drive.

The voice is instantly unmistakable – cleanly-mixed and varied in flow, recognisable in tone and accent. Menace delivers each bar from the intense to the sharp or witty with equal precision and faultless rhythm.

As an artist, songwriting meets with strength of performance, offering a late-night anthem of simple, classic hip hop presence, along with a live-style hook that’s quick to leave its mark.

Featuring nostalgic production – a memorable keys riff with flashes of heavy bass and a contemporary trap beat – These Rappers Ain’t Seeing Me tips its hat to both the legends of yesteryear and the clear appeal of creative freedom and confidence united in the booth. The production is minimalist for the greatest vocal impact, and the haunting reoccurrence of that riff backs up the revealing nature of the verses for a reflective and boldly motivational vibe.

Releasing September 23rd , These Rappers Ain’t Seeing Me hits the scene with integrity and style, showcasing the ability and intentions of Jae Menace both in the studio and on the stage, thanks to fluidity of bars and the slick changes in flow as the story unfolds.

Ultimately personal and true to the artist, but still resolving with an easy repeat for the hook, the track works well to elevate the Jae Menace name for both its realness and how accessible the titleline and musicality prove to be.

Already boasting a swiftly expanding audience on social media, Jae Menace keeps the fire of timeless hip hop burning strong, whilst playing a crucial role within the natural evolution of the genre.

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