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Jade Duncan Soul Searching


Fresh from the EP of the same name, Jade Duncan’s Soul Searching is as colourful and characterful as its artwork implies.

A quickly likable song, shoe-gaze-soaked in set-up but a little cleaner and clearer cut. Up front vocals and crisp riffs ride alongside an organic drum-line, allowing for an intimate and refreshing performance, which suits the imagery and thoughtfulness of the lyrics brilliantly.

Driving with a funky guitar line, a melodic rise and fall that soothes the soul and lights up the room all at once, Soul Searching sees Jade Duncan venture out towards the tuneful styles of a simpler time. The hook in particular, its sudden boldness and volume, the way it descends before you, feels reminiscent of the sounds of the seventies in some ways. At the same time, that crisp finish, and Jade’s notably considerate, personal and refreshing lyrics, all help effectively keep the song firmly rooted in today’s world.

It’s a brilliant hook, addictive and catchy to the point that it easily lingers in your mind long after listening – and that’s without being intrusive.

A softly artistic, interesting and enjoyable song, from an EP that hopefully marks the start of an artist career well worth tuning in for.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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