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Jada Raquel Stay Mad


Jada Raquel re-lights a classic RnB style and sound with this single. Fusing a colourful and quickly recognizable soundscape and leading riff, with a freely meandering, soulful and flawless vocal line, the song rides tall on the strength of its own musicality. That is to say, the rhythm and pace of the delivery pours through with an almost hip hop-like aura – varying syllable density, varying melodies, yet always holding close to that central line; the artist showcasing a clear understanding of and connection to the music that supports her.

There’s plenty of character and individuality in that backdrop, so much so that the music alone impresses. Then you get Jada’s voice, the song’s backbone, and its quietly confident guiding light – plus a series of fairly familiar yet often quirky and ultimately relatable lyrics. Though the verses vary and evolve in their own expressive, artistic way, the hook effectively resolves all of this – making for a satisfying and memorable moment that’s easy to pick out from afar.

Stay Mad is an easy anthem for anyone who’s going through difficult times or seeking to overcome something. It’s an uplifting track, confident and inspiring, motivated and motivational – encouraging the listener not to worry about the opinions of others, to go their own way; to do what’s right for them. It’s a likable song to begin with, but with each re-listen it grows all the more impressive. Hopefully there’s plenty more to come.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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