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J.X.B On This Day


Introducing an original Christmas single, creatively blending the warmth of production and vocal melodies of classic seasonal tunes, with a refreshing twist of soulful originality. The blissful tone, RnB verses and sublime vocal mastery of J.X.B showcase the best of the indie realm, not least of all through the unity and compassion of On This Day.

Brilliant songwriting is quick to stand tall for On This Day. Initially the production brings a welcomed balance of nostalgia and professionalism – a laid-back groove both romantic and calming. Soon we get this choir of voices raining down with delicacy and emotion, before the leading male vocalist redirects things with absolute prowess and originality.

Familiar but not, a fresh long-form melody and a clearly distinct and seductive voice at the forefront, On This Day quickly evolves from genuinely original to naturally memorable. The hook resolve is beautiful, simple yet effective, and wraps up the journey just enough times to lets its tune and sentiments really linger in the mind.

There’s a certain humility and authenticity to On This Day, which blends wonderfully with the strength of songwriting and the absolute skill and substance of the leading performance. An impressive and likable Christmas single, from an artist clearly worth knowing about as 2023 nears its curtain call. Well-worth adding to your winter playlists from here on in.

Download or stream On This Day. Find J.X.B on Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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  1. Thank you very much for this perfectly written review of my single i appreciate you and have an awesome holiday! J.X.B.

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