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J.W. Schuller Caterpillars


There’s a certain, nostalgic energy to this somewhat raw and very real new recording and release from J.W. Schuller and band. Beginning with an immediately enjoyable and fairly entrancing guitar part, emerging thereafter as a multi-layered, hugely colourful soundscape, the song is presented by means of a notably indie-rock leading vocal – driving through a melody and story-line that floats out and around you in a beautifully genuine way.

Amidst the chaos and vibrancy of the single, your attention is anywhere and everywhere at first – lost in and uplifted by the energy of the music. Later on, there’s a very distinct pause, the point at which the references to butterflies is laid almost completely bare. It’s a clever moment, it reminds you of the song’s concept, and it brings about a sense of imagery and poetry which, when you listen once more, becomes another leading source of the song’s beauty.

The second time you listen the whole thing has an incredibly familiar feel to it. From that opening guitar part alone, to the instantly busy sound of the horns and the accompanying instruments. Then comes the scenery, the warmth and realness of the leading voice, the gradually evolving soundscape, and the gorgeously captivating lyricism and melody. The song is personally reflective, and that adds to the realness, but it also feels like a song for everyone. That indie-rock essence is the ability to connect with the vast majority of hard working, regular people – those who live freely, who dream big and hold tight to optimism and hopefulness. The more you hear of this caterpillar analogy or metaphor, the more it sinks in as the beautifully inspiring idea that it is. Great songwriting and a really enjoyable recording.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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