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J-Rob MD Young Love (Feat. Lenny B)


Producer J-Rob MD has crafted the perfect dance-pop track to lift you up throughout summer 2019. Smoothly guided by a soulful and lightly energetic vocal line, the song progresses with ease, rising up beautifully and showcasing an entrancing array of synths that envelop the listener as things evolve.

Young Love is something of a timeless dance classic, feeling fresh for its new melody and the way things move, also for the crisp and clean finish in general, but it’s admittedly nostalgic at the same time – rarely does a track so colourful and professionally arranged lose value or strength once it’s hit the airwaves. There’s a promise of lasting good vibes and togetherness with this song, lyrically and indeed in terms of the feeling it offers its audience – the power of the music when united with these lyrical ideas is unstoppable.

J-Rob MD creates from experience but also a clear place of appreciation for – and connection to – dance music on the whole. That love runs throughout everything you hear, so the music works in the way that it should – the louder you listen, the greater the effect. Young Love immerses its audience in hope, in belief and possibility, and in the high energy and brightness of a musical moment that will likely keep people feeling good and dancing for years to come.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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