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J.R.Clark Zenith Spokes


Zenith Spokes is a stand out track from J.R.Clark’s new album Sunset Symphony. The song brings through a Jay Z style brightness, with that mellow swagger intertwined – a simple jazz backdrop, a thick hip hop beat, and a leading voice that undoubtedly offers the confidence and drive required to inspire and entertain all at once.

Zenith Spokes is a good vibes track that’s easy to get into. At the same time, there’s a lyrical story-line – the verses offer up more and more details, showcasing a story-teller at the top of his game. So much of independent rap lately pours through without intention, every song dishing out the same old references with little to no relevancy to an underlying idea. In this case, and indeed with much of the album, J.R.Clark  takes an idea and runs with it – holding close to that theme but also making time to include the occasional reference to motivate or to connect with the listeners of today.

At its core, Zenith Spokes is a uniquely focused song that talks of the artist’s determination as an artist – he puts in the work, something you can hear in the performance and the production quality, and so the song takes you through those stages in an energizing fashion. Nothing feels forced or fake, he isn’t fronting just to make you think a certain way about him – by all accounts, he couldn’t care less what people think unless they’re along for the ride. You get a strong sense that nothing’s stopping him right now, and the supreme quality and bright energy of this project is a fine testament to that. An easily addictive new hip hop track from an artist with plenty more hits to come.

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