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J Pee Music To The Kids That I Might Never Have


This is honestly far from the song I expected on reading the title. J Pee has put a hell of a lot of passion and intelligent consideration into this single. A complex and detailed story-line or letter to the future unfolds, growing more and more intense as the track progresses, and it’s truly captivating and provocative at every step.

To The Kids That I Might Never Have¬†is over five minutes of a raw, Eminem-style lyrical expression that contrasts a dark and mellow beat with a heavy and hard-hitting rap flow. This environmentally aware piece of art showcases the rapper’s ability to pour conscious ideas and knowledge into an ever-impressive performance that flawlessly holds your attention with its rhymes and its longer, extended lines and points. A single listen is far from enough.

I hear a lot of hip hop but I genuinely haven’t heard anyone doing it with quite this level of relevance and unavoidable truth in a long time. It’s not necessarily what the masses want to hear, but that’s the point – it goes against the grain – and it’s certainly something they need to hear and consider. In this case it’s been presented in a totally interesting and compelling way.

J Pee is unquestionably talented when it comes to both crafting lyrical masterpieces and expressing things that matter. He comes through as fearless in his wordplay but fearful in his views of the future. The backing track that runs in unison with the rap performance works beautifully in letting those underlying ideas shine brightly.

This is a refreshing and incredibly thoughtful, eye-opening piece of music and writing. Easily addictive and well worth listening to a few times over to catch every point made. The depth of the song relates to a concern many will share, and I’m glad to have heard this. J Pee has a fully unique approach to music and hip hop. Well worth experiencing.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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