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J Hill Sing To You


Smooth vocals, organic instrumentation and enchanting production back up the deeply moving sound and style of J Hill, as the beautifully appreciative release Sing To You introduces his authentic and distinct way with writing and performance.

Featuring simple, short lines that pave the way towards a soulfully hypnotic chorus, Sing To You highlights a naturally capable vocalist, with a uniquely recognisable tone and style that’s all at once delicate and captivating.

J Hill’s willingness to be open and intimate with his writing and delivery lets the natural gratitude and oneness of Sing To You shine all the more brightly. Weave in the accompanying visuals of an equally professional and compelling nature, and the whole thing feels like a timeless RnB classic with a fresh twist of contemporary design.

The voice is new, the story and melody also, and the whole thing reaches out with precision and passion combined. Really nicely crafted.

Gifted with talent and work ethic alike, J Hill currently has a song that can be nominated for an award. Voting is based on radio listeners, fan networks, social community, etc. “Every week the first 30 songs are played on the radio show. Every month, the most voted song will receive a trophy. Each song stays in the database for 1 year. 52 chances to be a winner.”

Make sure to head over and show support. An artist well worth knowing about.

Check out J Hill on Facebook, Apple, Soundcloud, Instagram & TikTok.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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