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J French Grey Poupon/Live Freestyle


Freshly released from the brand new album JAGG (Just Another Gift From God), a cousin of Kanye and an artist and producer making waves in his own right – J French aims high and hits the mark with Grey Poupon/Live Freestyle.

While the album in full acts as an ode to Cannabis, this single and its accompanying video hit with a little more character and story-telling than expected. Once you blend the bars, the delivery, the personality and the creative edge, you’re on to an easily impressive hip hop hit.

Simple sound-design – a bass-line and a subtle beat for the most part, spacious and allowing the strength of the vocal and the clever, quirky nature of the writing to stand tall of their own accord.

J French showcases the natural talent and confidence of the family, boasting years of experience within the industry, now reaching out more boldly than ever with this creative swagger and memorable, cocky yet compelling way with mastering the mic.

The video furthers also the multi-coloured yet stylistically simple strength of the music in the perfect way, and the freestyle to finish effectively seals the deal. J French takes his moment to shine, fearlessly and faultlessly pouring bar after bar into the performance, lighting up the room, reflecting on anything and everything that comes to mind within the walls of the theme.

Classic good vibes, crisp production and uniquely interesting raps. Without a doubt, far from the last we’ll hear of him. Check out the JAGG album in full to see for yourself.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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