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J.E.F.F. II Sleepless


In a world that’s consistently seeing new music produced every single day, it takes a little more than a simple beat and a riff to make something that connects and simultaneously impresses. Fortunately, there are some who go above and beyond to bring audiences something special, and it’s perhaps in their hands that the future of music resides.

J.E.F.F. II is an artist who showcases an attempt to jump ahead on this latest release, bringing music fans something that feels fit to fill the EDM scene but also perfect to accompany those indie-rock festival nights. The accompanying video highlights just how deeply passionate the artist is about music. This track, this instrumental journey – with all of its ups and downs, its multiple layers and changing levels of energy – is a composition that has been hand built, so to speak. Brick by brick, the elements were created and performed and added into the mix.

Much more than a skillful producer with a clear love for making music, J.E.F.F. II is a talented and experienced guitarist and all-round musician. Sleepless is everything the title implies – it is this burst of energy when you least expect it, it’s the volume and motivation when you were preempting the calm. His use of contrast within the soundscape plays a big part in how effective the music is – the various sections, starting small and finishing with something huge, hold on to your affection throughout. If you listen loudly – which you should, if you’re a music fan who truly craves the act of losing themselves within a moment – the intricacies, the details, and the drop, all hit with superb impact.

From the offset, this distorted, manic but thoughtfully organised, electronic rock ambiance fades in from the distance. As the riffs collide and collaborate, there’s a slightly retro gaming feel to the music, then later the guitars take the reigns, the beat is laid bare, and the space lets other finely tuned elements stand tall. There’s a distinct style to it all, and it’s this that gives J.E.F.F. II his sense of identity as a creative. Combined with his passion and work ethic, a long and lustrous career in music undoubtedly lies ahead.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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