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J Craig You Bless My Soul


Dreamy electro pop with a classic dance undertone elevates the softness and gratitude of J Craig’s uniquely delicate but colourful You Bless My Soul.

Featuring a classic groove and cascading synths and keys all hazily united within the mix, You Bless My Soul goes on to employ a distantly mixed or canned leading vocal, fusing subtle aspects of mainstream pop, RnB, and something like afrobeat across an ever-evolving melody.

The performance gets increasingly passionate, J Craig reaching his evocative peaks as the subject matter pours through and his appreciation for this significant other rises to greater plains.

Ultimately a celebratory love song, but far from a stripped-back ballad, You Bless My Soul acts as both an intimate ode to togetherness, and a humble disco floor filler with a nostalgic twist of design. J Craig delivers a fearlessly emotive performance, confident and stylish in both its adlibs and the general delivery of the tune, and this conviction meets naturally with the clear connection and love at the heart of the writing. What’s more, the quiet mix of the vocal commits less to a personal indulgence, and instead helps make this a wholly accessible, modest and enjoyable single.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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