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J-Carter Hip Hop Till I Die


J-Carter strikes again this summer with an immense 48-track project that offers personal insight and effective hip hop songwriting in waves.

The aptly titled Hip Hop Till I Die brings through the classic sound of the genre, complete with heavy yet uplifting beats, and clear, up-front vocals that lead with detailed, compelling story-telling every step of the way.

From the outpouring that is A Lyrical Addict, the album starts off on a high and refuses to lower the bar throughout. Effective production helps really allow certain moments to hit with greater impact, the music and the performer working in unison at all times – rather than simply having been brought together non-authentically, as is often the case in contemporary indie hip hop.

J-Carter’s passion and his faith and belief system come through consistently on these tracks. There’s also plenty of eclecticism, some songs hitting with heavy bass-lines (Ain’t Going Nowhere), some emerging as lighter and more emotionally delicate, some even utilizing an unexpected pop-rock backbone to completely redirect the mood – the inspiring and energizing Bottom To The Top. The soulful Can’t Smile afterwards also throws in a welcomed curve-ball, a gentler mood and a touch of self-reflection and vulnerability.

Unafraid of being true to himself, showing both weakness and strength in his story, and exploring a variety of different creative realms, J-Carter’s depth of tone and his smooth yet passionate delivery make for threads of consistency throughout this free-flowing project.

Melodic highlights include the ukulele dance hit that is Coming In Second, as well as Get High For You, and the anthemic Hotter This Year. Less intense lyrical moments include Going Hard Tonight – a somewhat dreamlike soundscape meets with a simple love for the good times.

While the vocal finish is a little raw on occasion, you still get the strong vibes from the set-up and faultless performances. J-Carter effectively leans back and forth between the indie and mainstream sounds, adding all the more so to that inherent authenticity.

Hip Hop Till I Die is another big tune, with cultural references and a pop-like style that works strongly in its favor at this point on the album. Later on we get the intense and fast-paced Ill Verses No Curses, another highlight for its confidence and minimalism combined.

J-Carter doesn’t shy away from topical, harder-hitting subject matter, but he balances this out with some powerful vocal features, and some notably melodic, satisfying musical arrangements that help the sound reach out to a much broader audience.

From social issues to personal declarations of difficulty, the songs lay bare the details of the artist’s world. I’m Spitting This through It’s Hellivision, Keep Holding On, right through to the deeply personal and widely relatable No More Drinking (a personal favorite for its mellow swagger and groove), and the notably relevant, inspirational Own Your Skin Tone – the connection between artist and listener grows stronger and stronger.

An extensive playlist, but one that achieves the rare goal of maintaining a consistently evolving sound, bold versatility, and a continuously impressive array of songwriting. From mellow stories to breathless bars (Stand Up), there’s a little of everything on this release, and we’re only referencing half of the completed collection. J-Carter’s work ethic and dedication to the art-form are on point.

Album out July 31th – pre-save or download it here. Find & follow J-Carter on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram or visit his Website.

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