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iVistaPoint Duende (Prod. by Minds4Wzrds)


Duende: Exploring the Magic of Those in Whom the Spirit Dwells

Collaborative creativity at its most engaging – iVistaPoint unites talented musicians for an explosive groove akin to those of the mighty Santana. Duende encapsulates the emotional response to art, and compiles the creativity of an international group of musicians, to present a wholly immersive, uplifting and unifying celebration of sound and expression.

Intertwining layers of hand drums and rhythms, electric guitars and keys, soulful vocals, Duende represents the power of the soul in guiding musical exploration and play. The single offers an intoxicating, organic listen, and presents the perfect opportunity for sponsors seeking out the ideal soundtrack to promote their product.

In Latin America, Duende translates to mean small mythological creatures with human attributes. It also refers to people who are committed to and immersed in some kind of art. The process of letting oneself become swept away by the energy and presence of a musical work is everything the melodic and rhythmic appeal of Duende the single represents.

Featuring fast-paced and skilful musicianship from the keys to the rhythms, guitars, vocals and bass, Duende offers five minutes of musical escapism, as well as a select few lyrics romantically intertwining the embrace of music and dancing with the unrivalled connection created between musicians and their audience. The result is a smooth and snappy progression, a summer-ready ocean of good vibes and musical precision, all presented with humility and heart that’s increasingly infectious as the track stylishly rolls along.

For Spanish and English speakers alike, Duende is a cross-cultural musical gem, a soul rock explosion of energy and unity that speaks volumes on behalf of the skill and emotional conviction of the creatives behind it. Check out the Spanish Version, or read more about Duende here.

“Taken by the shadow, Rise from the confusion, Rise from the darkness, Fill my body, my soul speaks through me; Duende!”

Visit iVistaPoint.com to get in touch about sponsorship or to request to use Duende for your next project or campaign.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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