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Iurie Sula Jr Love Is Taboo


Perfectly encapsulating the pop-dance sound of today, with crisp, clean production, uplifting melodies, emotive lyrics, and a style of songwriting that’s quickly engaging and memorable, Iurie Sula emerges this season with an unquestionable hit.

Rather than simply adhering to the effective building blocks of pop, Iurie offers just enough sense of identity, originality, to leave a genuine impact.

Love Is Taboo leads with his uniquely expressive, breathy and raspy yet smooth vocal, which guides you through these poetic observations and intimate reflections in a likable and authentic manner. Furthermore, from a songwriting perspective, the compelling, descending, long-form melody of the verse paves the way with perfect anticipation towards the ultimate and mighty resolve of the hook.

The drop is incredibly satisfying, not purely because the production is so professionally crafted and designed to energize, but because the songwriting itself has made it so. The lyrics are extremely honest, personal and open with the listener in a respectable manner. Then you get the simple repeat of I’d enjoy a couple moments with you, a couple moments with you, which easily leaves its mark, right before the final downpour of colour as that unforgettable, simple yet effective hook kicks in.

The featured vocal for the second verse adds brilliant dynamic, holds your interest further, and with that meandering verse melody helps really create the ultimate peak for the final chorus.

Brilliant work, a worthy radio hit and likely a track we’ll be hearing plenty of over the coming weeks and months.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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