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Ishvxn Give It Some Time


Give It Some Time plays around with its own atmospheric ambiance right from the start. The intro showcases the producer’s awareness and utilisation of structure in focusing the energy and attention of an audience on the music for the extent that it plays.

Following this introduction, the ambiance continues in a deeply mellow, hip-hop meets classic or retro R&B manner, and the overall mood is the sort that is undoubtedly easy to vibe to. The melody in itself is enough to provide the calming effect listeners often seek out in music as escapism. On top of this though, the lyrics throughout this piece present an open and reflective string of statements directed at a significant other. The appeal of this is that it deals with relationship issues in an unapologetic and ultimately very real way.

Where a traditional pop song might take the concept of Give It Some Time and talk in a melancholy way about their own hurt, Ishvxn uses the term as more of a request. The realness of the approach works well, particularly given the musical backdrop and the truth and story telling that generally makes this type of music shine brightly. The overall sound as well has a definite hypnotic quality, that melody winds itself around you, and the artist’s leading voice has a laid back, genuine sound throughout.

The hook repeats and repeats, soaking over you, making sure you remember it, and during those moments the words come through as honest and considerate. During the later sections, however, the leading voice switches to more of an over this vocal sound, again adding to the unique structure of the piece and furthering that awareness and realness. The simplicity of the music works really well, the production has a retro crackle about it that assists in building those classic vibes, and that melody hits with impact almost instantly. One to look out for.

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Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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