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Isaiah Mclaughlin Revolution


Driving with a brilliantly free creative reach, Isaiah Mclaughlin’s second EP Revolution kicks into gear with an appropriate fusion of industrial rhythms and a notably contemporary vocal-tone and production finish.

The style of the music is somewhat contrary to the style of the songwriting, utilising juxtaposition to the fullest. This fast-paced, electro-house soundscape meets with a reverb-soaked vocal lead, which proceeds to weave around us a story of character assassination and relationship toxicity; and this is all just the opener, Cast U Away.

Will You Still Be There? follows and softens the mood with a mellow electro-pop ambiance and lower-toned vocal line. Still, the sound and writing style, the delivery, are familiar now – these threads hold the project and the artist’s work together. In this case, there’s a tremble to the presentation, and as the lyrics grow more intimate and loving, this subtly passionate quality connects all the more strongly. It feels like a futuristic love song, tinged with uncertainty.

The third track is another one that calls out in question, longingly – Will The Sun Ever Shine? Seemingly a common thought that many of us have wondered about over this past year. Here we get a stylish, doubled-vocal effect, and a hypnotic electronic dreamland that blends well with the simple descending melody and lyric of the hook.

Parasite sees the vocal emerge from the distance, and subsequently we’re introduced to a third-person story-line that intrigues and captivates. The mechanical nature of the music allows for the imagination to effectively fill in the gaps – the mind wanders as these layers move and shift around us.

Monsters is something of a stand-out, again dreamlike in its delicacy and the multiple layers – not to mention the switch from lower vocals to falsetto as the passion evolves and the poetic concept is further explored.

The title-track then brings things to an emotional and again intriguing finish. The underlying sentiments of the EP are wrapped up in this final story, with talk of innocent lives being lost, and other poignant references that tie in with the dramatic stops and starts of the music as it envelops you.

Undoubtedly an artist paving their own way, creating with a certain air of uninhibited, unapologetic freedom – Isaiah Mclaughlin leaves a mark with ease as this release hits the indie scene.

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