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Isabella García Explorar


Isabella Garcia’s latest single and video release is a stylish pop-RnB single that pays tribute to the beneficial role of art, and to the artists who create as a means of self-improvement and discovery. Explorar encompasses the power of the mind, of creativity, and the ways we can artistically explore and express thoughts, feelings, and our existence within the world and a contemporary society.

The Spanish language leads the way lyrically, but musically, melodically, and indeed visually, the release leads with a widely accessible, softly uplifting groove, a mildly tribal rhythm and bounce, and a quickly familiar progression that’s easy to enjoy and later recognise.

Hints of organic musicianship appear intermittently throughout the mix. The beat is a big part of this, the drum-line has a notably live sound – it picks up the energy of the room; and the listener with it. The flute and certain other instrumental breakaways add further to this unique creative soundscape. Meanwhile, Garcia’s vocal is gentle yet emotional – quiet yet perfectly in keeping with the genuine aura of the entire piece.

Production-wise everything works well, the structure allows contrast to have a strong effect – quiet instrumental whispers are juxtaposed by prior or subsequent drops back to rhythm and multi-colour. It’s a unique and somewhat humble single, with good intentions, and it connects in a memorable way.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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