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iReignxSupreme Quarantine-N-Chill


Accessing the energy of the moment – this fine fusion of the need to escape and be free, with the opposing need to stay safe and isolate – Quarantine-N-Chill is every bit as energetic and summer-time ready as you’d hope.

Kicking into gear with a spoken word segment taken straight from the News, Quarantine-N-Chill toys with the art form just briefly, before exploding into this bright bounce of a track, with a fairly laid-back vocal-line – which offers plenty of character but keeps things intimate and personal lyrically.

iReignxSupreme strikes as a fairly carefree, confident artist, with a fine ear for both melody and opportunity. The heavy synth backdrop to this track adds a a near-EDM vibe, which suits the flow and rhythm of the vocal, the weight of the beat, in a fairly refreshing, effective way. And all the while, that slightly Americana-esque hook, complete with its implied dance routine, makes certain to linger in your mind long after listening.

Taking a little of that hip hop confidence and ability, a touch of engaging songwriting – the kind quite recently found in hits like Old Town Road – and a simple yet satisfying approach to production; Quarantine-N-Chill makes the best out of a difficult time. There’s a subtlety to the track that’s quickly likable, and if you’re new to the artist’s music – this sporadic hit should work well as an introduction.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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