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Internetsteph Need u.


Vintage layers and dreamy vocal and melodic samples light up the instantly inviting groove of Internetsteph’s latest single Need u.

Blending a rising sense of organic design in both rhythm and riff, Need u. also consistently weaves in a simple three-word vocal of soulful distance and humanity, whilst maintaining this lo-fi overhaul to further connect on an imaginative and ethereal level.

Just two minutes and twenty-two seconds in full, the entirety of the appeal of Need u . comes from the clear professionalism and passion at its core. The track is simple yet satisfying, catchy yet non-intrusive – hypnotic as it rains down with these finely-crafted layers of both organic and electronic presentation.

Brief yet striking, emotive yet also uplifting if you need that from it, Need u. is quick to leave its mark. Internetsteph showcases both a skill for sound-design and a clear love for the art of creating music. That balance is rare and something that cannot be faked. Authenticity allows the humility and worth of Need u. to work its magic with confidence and heart. Really-nicely done.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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