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INNR CIRCLE Thoughts of the Night


Fresh from an upcoming, debut EP, Thoughts Of The Night is another blissfully energising RnB single from fast-rising artist INNR CIRCLE.

In this case, the chemistry seems on point. A strong groove, perhaps a little eighties-like with its meandering bass-line and the tribal aspect in the distance. Then we get the melody, immediately up front and personal – a softly raspy, soulful vocal lead, and a poetic, intimate story-line that connects and captivates with ease.

What works well about this is that it emerges with a kind of late-night, mellow ambiance to it – the near-whispered, sultry vocal tone, the personal nature of the lyrics, even the beat – yet it progresses as a notably optimistic, upbeat hit of songwriting. The sort of thing that you’d happily turn up loud as you cruise towards the beach. The melody seems to brighten as it weaves around you, overcoming moments of lyrical uncertainty for this bold and colourful hook section that resolves with quick imagery and deeper thoughts on the situation.

While a little tricky to pick out on first listen, the lyrics refresh and fascinate. Every line has something intriguingly real about it, occasionally feeling familiar, occasionally venturing into more unknown or vulnerable territory.

Meanwhile, the soundscape works its magic with superb attention to detail and pristine sound design on the whole. The completed experience kicks in like an addictive nineties RnB track given a fresh, contemporary edge or re-awakening. Really nicely done.

Download or stream the single here.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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