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This project from Inner Space is a uniquely conceptual collection that provokes – with the power of audio detailing alone – a certain journey; upon which the mind can really fill in so much of the story in its own way, according to its own perspective. Intended as a vague representation of time or the history of the universe, the EP emerges with the spacious and provocative simplicity of Singularity:Inflation, guiding you through an incomparable experience and showcasing the abilities of a producer who takes a truly fresh approach to soundscape composition.

As the music progresses, the details evolve in a fitting manner – a certain, distantly throbbing rhythm lightly drives the underlying energy of it all, and the piece finds itself quietly surrounding you until there are only a few dashes of sound, some overwhelming pinches of silence, followed by these incoming, thunderous moments of chaos approaching from afar. At which point you find yourself floating among the delicate and thoughtful tones of Simmetry Breaking. 

The skills required to partake in music production and craft something that hits with impact or that fully envelops an audience are not quickly (nor easily) acquired. In addition, the creativity or deep thought needed to work on and build up something truly meaningful and complex and relevant is often barely even considered. In this case, Inner Space has brought together all of these elements, and the result is something that gathers more and more intensity and power as it moves out around you.

Simmetry Breaking grows to be a hypnotically rhythmic piece of down-tempo trip-hop that’s incredibly easy to escape to. There’s delicacy and colour here, those details are everything, yet at the same time the experience feels fairly minimalist – uncertain of itself, so its up to the listener to create the bulk of the journey or the story-line within their own imagination. This isn’t difficult to do, thanks to a truly effective and professional bit of production.

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The three tracks that make up this EP move into one another flawlessly. To listen is to experience it as intended – in the way that a short film might be, or indeed, in the way that the universe itself did begin and progress to become what we know know (or believe) it to be. By the time that Expansion:Valis starts to play, you feel as if it’s merely an extension of what has already come to pass. As time goes by, the piece comes into its own, the reverb-soaked, distant drum-line adds a beautiful touch of new movement to the moment, and the long stretching synths and samples make for a gorgeously gentle, multi-layered soundscape that offers plenty in the way of distraction and escapism.

Simply put, you can have this play around you and completely forget the trivial (or otherwise) struggles of your daily life. Alternatively, you can press play and focus intently on every little moment that passes by. The rising intensity on this last track is superb, brilliantly well crafted and captivating in a mesmerising way – if you truly submit to the experience and let it work its magic.

However you choose to hear it, the music or the journey is there for you. Inner Space has made certain that this collection of sounds is entrancing and beautiful and powerful, all without overbearing you with those underlying concepts or ideas. The experience is yours, but if you are to truly connect with and appreciate it, it’s more than worth considering the deep thought that has led to it.

As things come to a finish, you really benefit from the uplifting sense of now and nature that lingers in the atmosphere. It’s uplifting, and a fantastic, clever way to close down the experience to date. Returning later to re-capture it all makes for an even more impressive journey. Well worth hearing more than once or twice.

Download the music via iTunes or stream it on Spotify. Find & follow Inner Space on Twitter & Soundcloud.

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