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Inches From Sin Count On Me


Singer and songwriter duo Inches From Sin have released their latest single Count On Me, a heartfelt and emotional soundscape that pushes all the right buttons in terms of reaching out to those with dedicated, loving and reliable relationships.

Count On Me is a quickly memorable song that the band have clearly taken their time with when crafting it. The whole thing builds up slowly and surely, beginning with the simple sound of the two voices and a wash of unexpected strings. The style is immediately both familiar and unusual. This classical backdrop – arranged in an unpredictable manner, moving from the smooth, longer notes, to the quick and dramatic – the piano included, it’s all quite fascinating and musically beautiful. In addition though, the song has a classic, comforting country or folk aura to it – the lyrics and the melody, even the male vocal at the forefront of the sound – all of this seems to fall in line with the vibe of a classic song. Good writing, from a place of genuine emotion and depth, fused with an uncommon musicality, makes this an interesting and – as stated – quickly memorable, recognizable single.

Inches From Sin write and perform from the heart, so regardless of genre (this feels like a folk ballad on occasion, a country track on others, and something a little more indie-fusion every once in a while), regardless of any and all of these labels, it’s a song that connects in a natural, believable way. Furthermore, though the topic is clearly personal and unique in story-line to the songwriters, it’s presented here in a somewhat vague, widely accessible manner. The song becomes a gift for the listener and indeed for whoever they choose to share it with. It’s a welcomed, organic ballad that’s been gorgeously performed and captured on this release.

Download the single via CDBaby. Find & follow Inches From Sin on Facebook. Find out more about them via Bongo Boy Records.

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