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Incentive La Marvellous Shining Star


Shining Star is an easily likable new track with a laid back jazz-hip hop vibe and an easy going vocal flow to match. From a pop or memorable mainstream perspective, the song has a few simple building blocks that give it an accessible air – the piano riff running in the backdrop, the hook melody, the gentle tone and volume of the leading voice; all of this makes it a pleasure to stumble upon from the offset. Underneath the colourful exterior though is an artist with a conscious approach to rap and something heartfelt to talk about, and that’s what you begin to appreciate when you let the track play and you really, fully listen.

Shining Star is a song intended as a dedication to a significant other, and rather than this being purely an obvious trait – the track underlines the sentiment more and more so as it progresses. There are moments of classic hip hop confidence thrown in on occasion, but this just lights up those loving references all the more – drawing focus to the fact that there’s always one person on the artist’s mind, even when things get busy.

The music throughout this track is a joy to have surround you. At the same time, Incentive La Marvellous offers a subtle vocal performance that’s quietly proud and flawlessly rhythmic. As the track moves forward, his lines entrance the listener more and more so.

The second verse and beyond is undoubtedly where the rap flow and lyricism really starts to captivate. By now the mood of the music has become familiar, a comforting layer of audio filling the room, so the words have a little more strength. More than this though, the words seem to pour through with a level of poetic brightness during the later stages. There’s more of interest being referenced, there’s a more impressive energy to the flow – the lines have a satisfying rhythm about them, which suits the movement of the soundscape really well.

If you were ever drawn in by the good vibes and mellow energy of the likes of Mac Miller’s last project, Shining Star is likely to light up the same sense of calm within you. Incentive La Marvellous has crafted this one with care, and it works – it’s easy to connect with, and it’s easy to make it your own; whilst still presenting an element of personal honesty that’s always worth appreciating.

The accompanying video for this release helps build further on that connection to the music and to the artist – the visual performance looks as truthful and genuine as the song implies; a well shot series of clips that let you witness the artist himself in action and lost in the moment and the ideas of the moment.

Shining Star is the featured single from the EP Love Over Lust  – a project that explores similar ideas, seeks to inspire, and manages to keep things creatively interesting. Stream the song on Spotify or Soundcloud. Find & follow Incentive La Marvellous on Facebook. Visit the Ocean Fresh Productions Website for more information.

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