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Inanna Nefertiti XXI


Inanna brings back a decidedly retro electro-pop sound with this latest and debut single. Initially channeling elements of Bjork and Madonna alike, Nefertiti XXI soon goes on to become something of its own entirely.

Conceptually and musically, this release is one that paves its own way. While there’s a certain accessible simplicity to the soundscape – a descending bass-line and chord progression, a distorted depth overall, and a contrastingly light vocal and mildly optimistic melody – the song in full evolves into a slightly more complex and hard-hitting state. The latter half in particular showcases a complete shift in energy, the ‘angry Goddess’ really finding an artistic way of pouring through – the music intensifies, the beat grows thicker and louder it seems, and meanwhile various new synths and details rain down among the outer edges.

Simplicity and complexity unite well here, as do a whole host of influences – ultimately resulting in a sense of creative freedom. These qualities, in line with effective and surprisingly memorable songwriting, help make this a striking release – one that grows more immersive and easy to escape into the further along it goes. The upcoming EP is likely to be one well worth exploring.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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