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In Case of Elimination Haunted


Equal parts inventive and inescapably catchy, artist and producer In Case of Elimination presents the uniquely interesting ear-worm Haunted.

Homemade production brings an organic tambourine, kick drum and keys to a distinctly spacious arrangement – within which certain guitar riffs and cinematic detail entertain and intrigue, as our guiding vocalist delivers a smooth, catchy and poetically mysterious story.

Something like emo-rock intertwined with contemporary alt-pop and a heavier edge of rock towards the latter half, Haunted works well as both an unpredictable independent venture and a more accessible, even catchy anthem. The final quarter in particular sees this looping sentiment and fullness of production roll out and out, surrounding the listener – ‘I see you in the empty spaces…’ resounding and connecting. By this point, the unorthodox set-up of the song makes all the more sense, and is actually powerful in its clear connection to the changing stages of the performance and story.

From the raw and simple to the complex and captivating, Haunted is ultimately an intimate expression of longing for a significant other, and introduces the unique artistic roots of In Case of Elimination in a way that genuinely speaks out on behalf of creative freedom, humility and originality.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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