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Immy Alright (Prod. RellyMade)


Immy gets deeply personal and candid throughout this latest single, offering a sense of truthfulness, vulnerability and optimism as the track pours through.

Alright leads with a fairly familiar vocal set-up – contemporary hip hop and RnB fuse alongside of a decidedly dreamlike beat. You soon see past the stylistics though as your attention is drawn to the natural and entrancing flow of this vocal melody and rhythm.

Immy talks of his demons and being kept awake all night, presenting flickers of detail and further intimacy as the story unravels, but all the while there’s a sense of positivity to the sound and the chord progression – even to his vocal delivery. The second time you listen, that opening piano progression captivates for its purity, and soon enough the vocal melody hits with that quickly familiar and easily recognizable tune.

The very essence of Alright is this idea of reflecting on difficulty but looking ahead with hope and a belief that everything will be alright. This underlying sentiment is represented really well by every layer and intricacy, so the song in full leaves the listener with a shared sense of strength and trust that the future is bright and things will be OK. A refreshing and melodically hypnotic new song that works hard to lift you up.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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