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Immortal Youth Nuance


The quickly cinematic and conceptually thoughtful new single from Immortal Youth makes for notably refreshing alternative to the repetitive loops and ideas lingering in much of mainstream hip hop.

From a natural storm ambiance, through a jazz-cafe soundscape and a delicate beat, to these two paired vocals, Jay Libz and Immortal Youth, working in unison towards a shared poetic intention. Nuance is everything the genre needs right now, and it’s a total pleasure to let play.

Musically the vibe is set early on with this – a reflective, quiet mood, allows time and space within which to ponder the world and the sentiments presented lyrically. The opening voice offers a similar softness, an intimate delivery, allowing these words to stand tall in a quiet, humble yet intelligent manner.

This quality continues, becoming increasingly captivating, right through to the ultimate final whisper of ‘I found the flow’, at which point the whole thing shines for its clarity and purpose; effectively prompting you to head back to the start. Then you begin to pick out more and more of these clever, deeply poetic references and complex thoughts.

You know the name of the artist that sells, but not the one that heals…’

While the song’s hook has a simple anthem-like energy to it, the verses offer so many thoughts and metaphors that the entire track grabs attention and impresses for a whole new reason, each and every time you revisit.

Brilliant. A defiant artistic highlight from the year so far.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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