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Im14 Wow Thats Deep


Im14 offers up two straight minutes of alternative edge and artistry with this latest release. Wow That’s Deep is fairly certain to be unlike anything else you’ll have heard lately, and yet with that there are definitely some accessibly familiar and strangely comforting aspects that provide a sense of comfort.

Wow That’s Deep brings together a dark riff with a near hip-hop-like vibe, a slightly retro, distant beat, and a vocal line that holds much more in common with electronic rock or even trip hop. Spanning just two minutes in full, the song is over and done with before you’ve even really worked out what it’s about, but this just works all the more so in its favour. Thanks to fine production, unique creativity, and consistent intrigue, it’s an easy must to repeat the experience. In doing so, you start to piece together the parts of the story.

There’s an addictively interesting aura to this piece of music, the vocal fragments and the leading vocal seem like separate entities, and with this that bass-line and the contrasting high-end riff provide additional flickers of freedom. What brings it all together is categorically the song’s hook. The melody takes a change in direction, a single, short line stands out for its satisfying resolve and the effective nature of the repetition – not to mention the apparent appearance of Scooby Doo. Whatever you thought before, it’s faded away now – something else becomes the potential central sentiment.

Where the verses offer mystery and uncertainty, the hook fixes this feeling in an instant. A powerful moment that swiftly takes the composition from good to great. A fascinating and brilliantly enjoyable release that introduces Im14 in a superb way.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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