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Illeeria You and I


Showcasing the power of independent artistry when work ethic and creativity intertwine, producer and songwriter Illeeria started her musical journey just eight weeks ago, and has since gained hundreds of thousands of followers across TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

Most notably, Illeeria recently received her silver 100k award from YouTube, a milestone many can only dream about, and she continues to expand her reach with consistently launched singles of uniquely versatile expression and musicianship.

First hitting the scene with the exotic and colourful debut Drakaina, Illeeria emerged with a powerful fusion of genres at the helm. The song builds up with passion and precision, uniting oriental twists of melody and flavour with a clearly weighty and energetic overtone that is the drop to the hook and her own uniquely evolving vocal delivery.

The song is fascinating, unconfined by style, and speaks on ‘burning all my enemies to the ground’ in a fearlessly confident and distorted pop-metal manner. A memorable introduction to an artist who is swiftly proving a force to be reckoned with.

Next came the impressively ambient, atmospheric and epic Lunar Year of The Dragona Chinese instrumental piece that drew focus to a completely different side of the Illeeria artistic realm. The composition is both mellow and dramatic, a rising energy soaked in anticipation and near euphoric at its quiet yet impactful peaks. The enchanting and near-meditative release again made fine use of melody and production as a means of immersing listeners, and backed this up with another visually striking accompaniment over on YouTube.

We then arrive at Illeeria’s biggest hit so far. Released only a month ago, the mighty You and I notes almost half a million streams on YouTube alone, and features an official video depicting the artist herself performatively committed to the cause.

Once again, You and I blends ambient delicacy with passionate intensity – more so than ever in fact. A bold rhythm section builds and builds, the grit of Illeeria’s own voice maximised in unison, and the resulting track presenting a sort of alternative dance aura that’s both dark and again euphoric in its fusion of high-octane melodies, strings, vocal repeats, rhythms and details.

It’s an intoxicating listen at volume, and somewhat fearless in once more stepping away from what was previously released by Illeeria. There’s a personal aspect to the writing, but a vastly relatable feel to the overall production – the downpour of strings and synths, the intimacy and reflections. Illeeria dove head first into her artistry with this, and the results speak volumes.

Given the rapid expansion of her audience, and indeed the sheer creativity and originality of her sound, each and every time, this is one indie artist well and truly worth tuning in for.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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