ill-logicz - True Love (Feat. Zorenzo) [Prod. by Sean Wright] - Stereo Stickman

ill-logicz True Love (Feat. Zorenzo) [Prod. by Sean Wright]


ill-logicz and Zorenzo join forces to stunning results for this latest release. Driving with an ambient and emotive beat, complex and expressive in itself – the work of producer Sean Wright – True Love proceeds to offer lashings of soulful melody, heart-felt intention, and just enough passionate rap to really let the concept and sound sink in.

True Love is an RnB-Hip-Hop crossover track that’s particularly refreshing right now. The way the artists have structured the release, the sense of progression through these various sections – the movement from quiet and spacious, to emotional and fuller sounding – all of this helps give the single something new and appealing. The hip hop aspect doesn’t even kick in until the latter half, the song thrives on its own ambient sense of love and melodic development.

Beautifully delicate and genuine sounding vocals let the underlying sentiments connect in a believable way, and the beat underneath this really helps build a near trip-hop-like aura that again brings home the meaning and honest intentions of the completed piece. The whole thing works really well, a song for lovers, with a hint of nostalgia but a certain freshness overall. A strong introduction to both ill-logicz and Zorenzo.

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