IJ The Kid - Time Ticking - Stereo Stickman

IJ The Kid Time Ticking


Dreamy production and an immediately intense, captivating array of bars draw a crowd with ease as IJ The Kid delivers a brilliantly impressive Time Ticking.

Showcasing faultless vocal rhythm and consistently on-topic lyrical developments, Time Ticking utilises a simple soundscape to set the mood, and otherwise keeps the listener tuned in closely as the rapper masterfully details the highs and lows of his story.

Blending the sound of today with a more classic rap edge of clarity and depth, Time Ticking features a second vocal for dynamic, on top of an already varied flow from IJ The Kid that keeps things interesting and always moving regardless.

At the same time, skilful production weaves a similarly wave-like sense of change into the piece, offering a hit of escapism that’s focused, honest, inspiring and enjoyable.

An impressive creative, with a growing catalogue that’s well worth delving into if you’re a fan of heartfelt, thoughtful and musically humble hip hop.

Download music here & check out IJ The Kid on Instagram & Apple.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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