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IIIX Aicul


Freshly released on Hotei Records, Aicul is a musical beauty – organic guitars, acoustic world vibes with a classic clap for a rhythm, rising up into electronic realms for a fully immersive journey; IIIX set the mood with ease for this one.

Coming in at a pretty perfect three-minutes-thirty, Aicul is a dance-pop instrumental with likable tribal elements and gorgeous melodies. Never have we missed the live scene or festival life more than about now, and this kind of organically crafted, pristine journey through various layers of natural sound provides a gorgeous hit of escapism back to those times of freedom and unity in the fields.

IIIX is a collaborative project, bringing together the talents of pop producer HEVI LEVI and psy-trance legend Udi Pilo. The results speak volumes on behalf of the passion and skill that each bring to the stage.

Aicul is a gift in audio form, embracing listeners and lighting up the darker parts of our days. It’s simple in theory, complex in musicality and detailing – ultimately impressing as well as making for an easy go-to whenever things get a little heavy out there.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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