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IDONTPARTYMUCH Easy Not Too Easy / TheMixdown


Smooth and classic dance vibes unite with an equally smooth, RnB-kissed vocal lead, a hip hop edge of angst and confidence, and a mighty hook, throughout this colourful new track from IDONTPARTYMUCH.

Featuring a quickly engaging melody, with an addictive rhythm underneath it to draw you in further, Easy Not Too Easy proves a catchy alternative hit with a brilliantly uplifting energy overall.

From subtle yet satisfying production, to a vocal lead that’s equally simple yet confident and melodically appealing enough to get you feeling involved, the single feels like an easy hit – humble in set-up but outright boastful in context; a balance that works well to lift the mood.

Throw in a touch of potential for remix, and the result is a song that effectively brings together a range of genres in an accessible, contemporary manner. The hook drops in beautifully, lighting up the room with higher passion and multiple layers of further synths and details to reinforce the switch. You anticipate this moment from here on in – the calling card of any great pop song.

The reggae rhythm injects a further touch of eclecticism, the verses take influence from modern hip hop, and all in all the track reaches out on a broad level for its memorable, likeable structure and finish. Really nicely done.


Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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