Ian Byarm - Flexin' - Stereo Stickman

Ian Byarm Flexin’


Ian Byarm blends an addictive melody and creative soundscape for this latest single.

Leading with the song’s hook, Flexin’ turns its focus towards contemporary hip hop fans, but all the while keeps a certain sense of delicacy and character about Byarm’s vocal style and lyricism.

His bars are consistently melodic, but it’s subtle – the whole thing effectively meanders along the line between rap and melody, and the flow switches gears more than a few times.

Underneath the vocal progression we get a notably impressive beat. Multiple layers of riffs, synths and programmed strings, back-up a worthy bass-line and a fairly light, unusual rhythm. At close to four minutes long, it’s this general musical aura that takes the lead for the most part. The vocal tone is second, and the lyrics are the last thing connect.

Fortunately, there’s enough personality in the sound, a recognizable vocal style, to hopefully get listeners coming back for more. At which point the contemporary tones stand out all the more so – modern day references to making money, succeeding, Flexin’. The entire single is an alternative, catchy take on a common topic, and Byarm has crafted it well.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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