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IamOaks The Weekend


NYC’s IamOaks leads with a superb soundscape and a quickly addictive vocal rhythm on this track – throw in a smooth and memorable hook, a story-line that appeals to ambition and self-belief, and The Weekend is precisely the good-vibes track the upcoming summer months need.

Bringing through a hint of nostalgia, not unlike the flow of early Nelly releases, The Weekend introduces the artist IamOaks in a likable and impressive way. The music is easy to enjoy, a delicate ambiance accompanies a heavy but mellow-paced beat, and meanwhile the rhythm of the verses captures your affection from the offset. Things work well straight away, but as the track progresses these effective qualities strengthen and multiply – the song’s hook being an unexpected yet brilliant addition to an already uplifting, colourful new release.

IamOaks showcases a natural connection to lyricism and vocal flow, as well as a clear love for and awareness of the music surrounding his story-line. His voice offers character, appeals immediately thanks to a fine performance and some high quality production. All in all this release is an easy must for hip hop and alternative pop fans across the board. The hook lightens the intensity of the verse rhythm, and that contrast seals the deal. A beautiful song, well worth a listen.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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