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ialreadyforgotwhoiam life is such a bother


Take a pinch of the melancholy implied by both the artist and project names, then stylishly weave in a plethora of heavier flavours from the dance and immersive, cinematic production realms, all by means of unpredictable structures and varying, story-telling moods, and you might almost be close to understanding where this album takes its listeners.

The Thrill is the opener, a striking song-title for a collection under the blanket of life is such a bother. From heavy beginnings, a sort of Blade Runner-style fuzz from distorted synths and intense bass, the track incorporates fragments of racing then veers off through a delicate, joyful lo-fi garden of calm, before returning to that Thrill – almost like a wave; complete with the build-up the crash, and the settle.

There are eleven tracks on this album, and no single one can tell you very much about the others, aside from the fact that ialreadyforgotwhoiam is a precise and skilful producer, with a passionate and deeply creative ear for refreshing soundscapes and instrumental concepts. There’s often a mighty use of contrast, Ghost of Mr.Warner features this immediately after the opener, and there are traits, synths, details, perhaps, but ultimately there are eleven pages of the journey here to delve into.

Basic like my reflection is an early highlight, a relatable and relevant title that intrigues, and a mellow, trip-hop groove later supported by a hypnotic melody. Always the structure is interesting, unique to the artist. Comforting layers welcome in the alternative music fan initially; the artistic freedom urges them to stay.

Unpredictable is a crucial word with this project. By track four you might feel like you know the set-up, the vibe, then a brief and quirky Latafrican Interlude recaptures any wandering minds. Fun With Funk follows and those traits return but there’s an organic element and indeed a sense of optimism, or fun, that redirects once again.

An initially dark yet retro-gamer-kissed and carefree Good God Goofy makes for a fairly inspiring highlight in its chaotic rainbow of expression. And later, Short And Sweet injects a superb hit of juxtaposition between a pounding beat and dreamlike, cascading guitars and synths. Another favourite.

All in all though, there isn’t another album like this at present. The sound has flickers of recognisable embrace from simpler eras, but in the end its the artist who creates, and what’s been created is refreshingly original.

Varied in mood, emotion, pace, detail, weight and intrigue – life is such a bother cleverly proves a reliable antidote or method for drowning out and relieving the weight of a bothersome life.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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