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Hythum Harbor City Blues


Hythum crafts a groove to fall for, with the smooth and catchy new single Harbor City Blues.

Backed by an organic piano-line and raw drums, were guided through a vocal outpouring of consistency and flow, almost rap-like or at-least inspired by the sound of Cat Empire or Jason Mraz in its long-form progression. Harbor City Blues quickly proves to be its own thing though, with an unpredictable storyline at its core, and various shifts in style and mood throughout its three-nineteen lifespan.

Structurally unexpected, poetic yet personal, the Hythum sound is recognisable in tone and intention, but also equal parts creative and comforting in set-up.

Featuring sudden shifts in energy and pace, Harbor City Blues is increasingly intriguing, hypnotic as it moves into a dreamy hook section, then returning to the familiarity of its previous vibe.

Almost feeling like two different songs, the single sees Hythum blend stylistic approaches to showcase an artistic overall, but also utilise essential threads of effective musicianship for appealing to a broader audience. It will no doubt be interesting to hear the rest of the upcoming album Remote – releasing March 30th.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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