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Humphrey McKeown Passing Shadows


Humphrey-Mckeown are an act that make exciting, uplifting yet exclusively organic music. Passing Shadows is a superb song and a great place to start if you’re new to the band’s sound.

The passion and power of classic folk-rock is alive and thriving, and Passing Shadows offers everything we know and love about the genre, but with a fresh take on it all, and a brilliantly memorable bit of songwriting. The song itself could actually transfer quite easily to any number of genres, a sign of strong and effective writing and melody use. However, the instrumentation featured in the track is stunning – everything from the rhythm to the strings to the riffs to the harmonies, and also the impressive use of structure, evolution, and communication between each of these components; it all makes for a powerful and compelling few minutes of listening.

The track has a big sound, it builds in a gradual yet striking way, and this is something that gives it that very organic, real sound. There are also certain quieter moments within the track that show the softer side of the songwriting, the gentler side of the band’s artistry.

On a lyrical level, the song offers some important ideas and an underlying sense of optimism – something there can never be too much of, particularly during the world’s more trying times. The verses touch on the darker side of life, though the chorus makes that crucial switch to the positive, the possible, and the music reflects this sidestep well. A live show is a must, and as the release date for their new album draws closer the prospect of an extended collection is an exciting one.

Shine on in our darkest hour, when hope is the only light.. 

Find and follow Humphrey-McKeown on Facebook & Twitter. Their album Tapestry Of Shadows will be out on May 20th. Visit their Website for more music & info.

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