HSN Dee - When Thugz Cry - Stereo Stickman

HSN Dee When Thugz Cry


Emotive sound-design and contemporary vocal stylings combine amidst short lines that subtly increase in intensity throughout – ultimately offering a heartfelt story of personal struggle, of dealing with the weight of the world.

HSN Dee introduces his sound and style with a fine balance between the modern hip hop landscape’s general tone and the more instrumentally diverse and conceptually provocative hits of a simpler time.

The vocal rhythm works well throughout the bars on this track. Occasionally things feel fairly simple and true to the references of the scene, at other times you get clear fragments of ideas relating to the climb, the role of the self, the emotion at the heart of the writing, and this is consistently reinforced by the passionate and melodic nature of the guitar, piano, drums and bass holding up the soundscape.

Impressively organic, with a modern vocal twist that helps keep things rooted in 2020 – When Thugz Cry tackles the mood of the year in a fresh way.

Download or stream When Thugz Cry here. Check out HSN Dee on Twitter & Instagram.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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