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Hro Palyan White China


Hro Palyan fits well into the lyrical arena of contemporary hip hop with his latest single White China. To his credit, the music on this release and indeed the performance style both lean in a refreshing direction. Furthermore, the verses – those moments when the rap flow increases in density and pace – these offer a notably more impressive element that helps lift the artist up higher than the majority of his peers.

The hook is where familiarity falls into place though, a necessary trait in many cases but something you appreciate more later on in the track – rather than as the intro during those first few moments. From a mainstream perspective, however, this tactic is generally effective. There’s a mellow party vibe to the ideas, to this offering of energy and to this confident moment of chorus.

The more you listen, the more the various intricacies of the song settle in and make certain you know who Hro Palyan is. The performance stands out for the passion and character that’s presented throughout. In the same instance, the music is so laid back, but it pays tribute to the classic, simple yet hard-hitting riffs and beats that played the backdrop to some of hip hop’s more historical classics. Again, these qualities give the release personality.

This track is intended as the banger, the anthem you discover him for. It’s likely that a longer project or further releases will see more individuality and story-telling pour through in a manner that appeals and reaches out to connect – not unlike the pathway Post Malone took with his career, beginning with a similarly titled hit that’s still very easily recognisable. For Hro Palyan, the professional finish and the sense of identity in the voice work well in drawing you over. Hopefully there’s more to come.

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