Houey Freeman - Dirty Dollars Reloaded (Feat. Breeze,Yeaux Majesty, Noah Archangel & J Hope) - Stereo Stickman

Houey Freeman Dirty Dollars Reloaded (Feat. Breeze,Yeaux Majesty, Noah Archangel & J Hope)


This debut single from Houey Freeman is about as high caliber as hip hop can be. The performances throughout are on point, characterful and refreshingly new sounding, as well as offering up a story line and series of clever lyrics that have you hanging on every word. The opening verse is fire, the sound of the voice has this confident yet mellow feeling of certainty to it, exactly the kind of performance hip hop fans are often drawn to as it sounds reliable, believable, genuine, and as if this authentically what the artist is meant to be doing. Nothing about the track is forced, it sounds powerful, the beat has the simplicity of classic hip hop – the rhythm and progression work well, the performances and concept are where the main strengths lie, though the added benefit in this case is a fairly infectious, distinctly memorable and melodic hook section.

The first time you listen, you instantly appreciate the skill, the effort and precision that has gone into the recording. The second time you listen – you’re glad to hear the now familiar sound of that opening performance and each and every one that follows therein. The track features plenty of variation, but it’s not over the top – the consistency remains present for long enough that you can get into each character and what they have to offer. The evolution helps keep things structurally interesting, and it gives off a general feeling of togetherness – the team vibe works well under this kind of spotlight.

Production wise the track has been approached in the perfect way. Everything sounds crisp and yet there’s a contrasting smoothness to the overall movement and flow – you can listen loud, in essence, and that’s important. Great track, really impressive.

Listen to the track over at Band Of The Hawk.

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