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Hotel On Mars Don’t Feel Like Daylight


Hotel On Mars are a hard hitting, punk-rock, melodic and funk driven indie band from Dublin, Ireland. Their debut album Don’t Feel Like Daylight is out February 19th, and it’s a must have for anyone who likes their music turned up a notch. The band avoided the more commonly used method of crowd funding during the making of this project, they instead said goodbye to an extensive array of personal belongings, ranging all the way from a washing machine to a vintage 70’s Fender Strat. It’s been an intense process for the guys, but the final product is pretty damn extraordinary. Here’s the lowdown.

Punk rock has gone nowhere, musicianship is thriving, real music is alive and well. Don’t Feel Like Daylight is an album loaded with songs of the utmost epic proportions. Hotel On Mars are representing everything that makes us feel alive when we listen to music. Tracks like Candy Coated Please Shut Up highlight the true and melodic musical skills of the band, everything from the vocal to the instrumental breakaway is well placed and superbly performed.

Everybody is a DJ has that indie anthem feel to it, makes you want to turn it up loud, it’s like a massive festival moment right there in your living room. What’s also great about this one is that alongside this huge crowd-feeding atmosphere there is also the addition of the collective audience chanting ‘hey’ intermittently, which actually then makes it feel like an energetic pop-punk band playing somewhere in the heart of Ireland.

Hotel On Mars are infact a band based in Dublin, Ireland, so if you’re one of the fortunate few who live nearby – make sure you get yourself down to a live show sometime soon. They’re launching the new album with a performance at The Grand Social, you’d be pretty insane to miss it if you’re close enough. All the details can be found online.

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They’re an exciting band, well practiced, a string of interesting and unusual concepts to sing about. Fantastic musicians. Every part of every song adds something fresh to the mix, so you become addicted to this music as you make your way through the album. You’re very quickly seduced by the familiar sound, yet you know something new will come with every corner turned. There’s really not a bad moment in the whole project.

The lead singer has a voice that reminds you how powerful rock music can be when it’s presented properly – the musical interlude sections in the songs have a similar effect. The whole collection is awesome – it’s a lot like albums used to be, when artists jammed to the point of a physical shut down, and then the absolute best was compiled and expressed in a way that made the finished product a piece of art in it’s own right.

Want What You Want is a foot stomping, shot-necking anthem of gargantuan impact. The drumming on Head For Rent is incredible, incomparable. Bad Dalai Lama is another absolute highlight – these are the kind of vibes you’d find at the heart of a Chilli Peppers concert, fused with the raw and almost acoustic energy of a band who live and breathe music – real music, at it’s purest and most unapologetic. You really need to hear it all in one go to let it soak in.

Don’t Feel Like Daylight is out on February 19th. Find the guys on FacebookTwitter, and Soundcloud to make sure you don’t miss out. Categorically unmissable. Head over to their Website for all your need to knows.

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