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Hooks by: DJ Vampire Son


Hooks by: DJ branches out extensively with this, the first of three brand new releases. While there’s a quick familiarity to the sound of that voice, the style and design of this particular soundscape and song all leans in a completely fresh direction; as does the story-line. It all kicks in with a brilliant level of intrigue and appeal.

Vampire Son is a track that takes its time to build a concept and vibe around you, but once it has – it’s close to impossible to escape the memorable loop of that hook and that rising and falling bass-line; not to mention every other detail and flicker of swagger that pours through instrumentally.

This is such a good track, one that makes and breaks its own rules in true Hooks By: DJ fashion, yet that  also manages once again to fully re-build and re-introduce the artist and producer in a manner that grabs attention in the best possible way.

Emerging as something of an industrial funk meets hip hop track, DJ showcases the very best of his abilities as a composer and producer, layering the soundscape up level by level, and meanwhile performing in that inherently natural and genuine way. The delivery is so pure and honest, that it takes just a line or two to draw you in, and by the mid-way point you’re completely enveloped in the energy and ideas of the moment that it all just makes perfect sense.

While there are plenty of songs released every month that attempt to do something new, to venture into the creative unknown, there are very few that manage to do it with style and in a way that sounds authentic and good. Less still that can do it and sound truly great. Vampire Son is a fierce and fiery new track, multi-layered and colourful but in a subtle and intentional manner, and perfectly well balanced in terms of matching great songwriting with superb production. An absolute winner of a come-back, and just one of a host of new releases to turn up loud and embrace right now.

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