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Hooks By: DJ California Earthquake (Feat. Danielle Hollobaugh)


Seeing Hooks By: DJ reach even further with his uninhibited creativity, this collaboration with singer Danielle Hollobaugh makes for a smooth, shoulder-swaying alternative hip hop track with equal parts delicacy and weight.

The opening moments lay out a certain type of gentle scene, the female vocal brings melody and an easy-going, descending pattern that suits the entrancing calm of the soundscape. Sure enough though, in true DJ fashion, the rap vocal that follows effectively lights up a whole other side to the song – a retro style of delivery on par with the nature of the soundscape pours through, lyrically driving with classic confidence and familiar, perhaps quirky or intentionally cliched references; building further on that sense of contrast.

Contrast rules here, those melodic moments are hypnotic – you walk away humming that tune, and the consistent groove of the track offers an equally lingering effect that’s well received. In between these moments, DJ sets the scene from the other side of the spectrum – California’s Earthquake takes you to the club, takes you through hip hop and dance-pop’s history, utilizing a few key elements for simplicity, yet still, as always, managing to stay true to that Hooks By: DJ sound. And Hooks is the word, the main selling point – the artist and producer knows how to write something that sticks with you. While this release is considerably alternatively, and fairly vintage in some respects, the ultimate effect is that it leaves its mark with you indefinitely – the calling card of an effective songwriter.

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