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Hooks By: Daniel Jordan Heating Up Old Coffee


Hooks By: Daniel Jordan takes a step in a new direction for this fully melodic, story-telling driven, country-soaked EP Heating Up Old Coffee. 

The simple country label doesn’t seem to quite cover the experience you get from the music, there’s something about the beats and the artist’s leading voice, even the scene setting, which leans in a slightly more alternative direction.

It’ll Be Hard To Sleep Tonight as a strong example, is a definite highlight from the upcoming project. A great song, musically unique and melodically superior, the rising energy and the repetition of the central concept and what it truly represents – the relationship turmoil, the longing – all of this is presented in a totally refreshing and mildly quirky way. I was actually reminded of hits like Drinking in LA and Steal My Sunshine, these genre-free, interesting and melodically satisfying songs that bend the rules and create likable waves in the process.

Stuck at First Base is actually the opening song on the project, and though it does lead with a crisp country guitar sound, the marching beat that follows and the story-line again work hard to keep that level of identity and carefree creativity as the essence of the experience. There’s a touch of angst and humor united here, plus spacious, minimalist verses that lead the way well towards a quickly energizing and bright chorus section. The song is relatable for its declaration of never being quite good enough or never quite what someone wants. Still there’s a sense of musical resolve, it’s far from a melancholic composition – DJ utilises repetition and rising brightness effectively once again.

DJ’s uniquely real and recognisable vocals drive with genuine emotion, the same goes for his lyrics – though detailed and story-telling, there’s always a passionate and personal backbone throughout; a level of purpose and intimacy. Heating Up Old Coffee showcases these qualities well, a stripped-back, mellow and heartfelt piece of music and writing, which makes for a welcomed moment of calm, and highlights the live solo potential of the artist.

We’re Just Rollin brings things to a close with upbeat energy and a quickly enjoyable, anthem-like sense of togetherness and optimism. The song talks of overcoming difficulty, embracing the good times and moving through struggle and onward into possibility and happiness. As always, the drop to the hook works beautifully – this is a notably memorable and addictively rhythmic, hopeful song; one that ends the EP on a positive note and reminds you of the songwriting strengths that run throughout. The artist’s name suits the content well – every track offers a mighty hook, as well as a genuinely refreshing take on country and contemporary music in general. Heating Up Old Coffee paves its own way, and is a pleasure to listen through. Well worth looking out for.

Download or stream the project via CD Baby & all major platforms as of May 17th. Find & follow Hooks By: Daniel Jordan on Twitter & Instagram or visit his Website.

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