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HoodLife Muzik Astral Planes


Loving this release from HoodLife Muzik is easy – a fine fusion of reflective, entrancing melodies, and a calming, ambient beat – along with a refreshingly thoughtful concept and an honest approach – all helps make this an absolute stand out for the year so far.

Astral Planes is beautiful, a late night anthem for hip hop and trip hop fans alike. There’s a smooth pop groove to the whole thing, plus a clean finish yet one that still lets the dreamlike aura of the backdrop wash over you in a hypnotic way. All of this could well appear in the place of substance, as is sometimes the case – occasionally you get great music and poor bars, or vice versa. However, with this single, the lyrics and the vocal deliveries are absolutely of as high a quality as the music. The whole thing hits with impact and leaves a lingering silence when all is said and done – the sort that’s so intense you can only head back and replay the track.

Astral Planes takes its time to build itself around you. The intro sees a partly organic, guitar-led ambiance pour through, then you get that central melody, then you get that vocal – loaded with personality; easy to connect with. This use of poetry and openness works beautifully, every line captivates, genuinely – the entire piece just reaches out for you.

There’s categorically no filler, nothing involved just to bulk out the experience. On the contrary, every moment offers something satisfying, refreshing, and fairly profound. The song has depth, it’s for the deep thinkers out there, the insomniacs and those who burn the candle at both ends. The structure of the release is on point so every section works hard to keep you enthralled and involved, right the way through.

A single listen is far from enough. Astral Planes is in a league of its own. Absolutely one to be heard, a personal favourite from the indie hip hop collection to date.

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Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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