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Holy Ramen Sanctuary


Ambient sound-design with subtle soft-rock guitar work and organic drums walks hand-in-hand with a breathy, intimate and revealing vocal line, as Holy Ramen builds up the brilliantly immersive, poetic and deeply human new single Sanctuary.

Delicate and trip-hop-esque beginnings set a melancholic mood and intrigue with subtly characterful tones during the verse – the words have weight and showcase vulnerability but also feel relatable, connecting for this sense of lostness and longing.

As the piece evolves, the hook offers a bigger and slightly brighter hit of emotion, a complete melodic shift that introduces an alternative and catchy progression for the resolve to that concept of Sanctuary. The isolation, the hiding, the presence of the self for comfort and escapism.

Later on we get a rap verse, intensifying the ache of the outpourings all the more so, and later still we get a sublime electric guitar solo for further contrast and to really elevate the style, mood and appeal of the song.

“I’m out of touch but it’s for a reason…”

Stylishly fusing genres but ultimately leading with purpose and identity, Sanctuary moves from ambient alternative to emo rock to uninhibited singer-songwriter expression and back again, all within a faultlessly crafted three minutes and fifty one seconds.

Well worth delving into – I look forward to hearing more.

Download or stream Sanctuary here. Check out Holy Ramen on Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok & Instagram or visit their Website.

Rebecca Cullen

Founder & Editor

Founder, Editor, Musician & MA Songwriter

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